Custom Blending
Tailored Custom Blending and Packaging
At TRC, our custom blending and packaging service is tailored precisely for your application needs. Leveraging our state-of-the-art stainless steel and heated tankage, we specialize in storing custom liquid formulations with the utmost care and precision. Additionally, our team ensures custom packaging for drums and IBCs, catering to diverse packaging requirements. With on-site steam and mixer capacity, TRC excels in manufacturing challenging formulations under your private label, delivering exceptional quality. Our custom blending expertise, complemented by our in-house lab, enables extensive testing of formulations to exacting specifications, ensuring unparalleled precision and quality for your tailored solutions.

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Precision Blending and Testing Capabilities

Thames River Chemical prides itself on precision blending capabilities coupled with comprehensive testing services for your formulations. Our cutting-edge facilities, equipped with stainless steel tankage, allow for meticulous storage of custom liquid formulations, while our expertise extends to custom packaging solutions for drums and IBCs. With on-site steam and mixer capacity, we excel in crafting complex formulations under your brand, guaranteeing top-notch quality. Moreover, our in-house TRC lab facilitates rigorous testing, ensuring formulations meet your precise specifications. Count on TRC's custom blending experience and robust testing capabilities for tailored solutions that exceed expectations in quality, precision, and performance.
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"Delivering quality products to our customers is the pillar of our blending business. We constantly strive to deliver the best in quality and solutions and are committed to dedicating our resources in the pursuit of market leading services and capabilities.”

-Dr. David Senior, Vice-President, Research & Development. -